Gabler Thermoform

Mechanical and plant engineering
Acquisition year

Lübeck-based Gabler Thermoform GmbH & Co. KG was fully acquired by PMB in September 2013. Gabler Thermoform is a well-known manufacturer of thermoforming machines for the packaging industry - with a focus on food packaging, such as yogurt and margarine tubs. The product range extends from compact stand-alone machines to large-scale complete lines with extrusion and process linking. The company can look back on a history of more than 50 years.


Mario Schreiber, Member of the Management Board at POSSEHL and responsible, among other things, for the business area of medium-sized investments, sees the acquisition of Gabler as a further confirmation of POSSEHL's corporate strategy: "We acquire companies in order to hold them for the long term and to develop them sustainably and profitably, and not to sell them again in the short term. We also preserve the company name and the operational independence of the individual companies. This sets us apart from many other investors. In addition, our companies can always rely on the strength and cohesion of the POSSEHL Group." With regard to the acquisition of Gabler, Schreiber adds, "The fact that with Gabler, another company at our headquarters in Lübeck will belong to the POSSEHL Group in the future is, of course, something we are particularly pleased about."

With PMB as owner, we experience full support in the orientation of our company and can consistently implement our strategy to ensure the long-term success of Gabler Thermoform.

David Schirm

Managing Director