Acquisition criteria

We are constantly on the lookout for companies that fit our profile: high-performing, with a good market position and positive development prospects. We maintain their entrepreneurial freedom and support them at strategic and financial level. Our companies grow as they can focus on the things that set them apart.

Medium-sized companies

We acquire companies with sales between EUR 20 million and EUR 120 million and sustainable positive earnings.


Our focus is on majority shareholdings.
Acquisitions are also possible in stages.

Good market position

The companies already have a very good position in attractive markets, preferably in niche markets.

Stable business model

The basic requirements for a takeover are a stable business model and intact core business.


In cooperation with a strong management team with growth ambitions, we can ensure long-term success.

Profitabilität: Positiver Cashflow

Das unternehmen sollte einen Umsatz zwischen 20 und 120 Mio. EURo und einen nachhaltig positiven EBITDA erwirtschaften.

Not sure if your company is a good fit for us?

Even if your company does not fulfill all acquisition criteria, we are always looking for suitable additions to our existing portfolio companies.
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Industries & Markets

We unite medium-sized, established companies from the fields of mechanical and plant engineering, trade, automotive and services under our roof and are always on the lookout for other companies fitting our profile. In doing so, we focus on industries in which we can make the greatest possible value contribution based on our expertise and network. These include:

Robotics & Automation

Digitization is the success recipe of the future. We are looking for companies from the Robotics & Automation sector to expand our portfolio.

Mechanical & plant engineering

Mechanical and plant engineering is considered a leading export and innovation industry. It is strongly characterized by medium-sized companies and already enriches our portfolio.

Optics & sensor technology

Optical modules and sensor technology are used in numerous industries – and are particularly interesting for us as a promising market.

Recycling & Disposal
We attach great importance to sustainability and are happy to contribute to giving the most important sector for the success of our circular economy the necessary boost.
Medical Technology

Medtech companies are strongly influenced by small and medium-sized companies and are important drivers of medical progress. We are happy to support them as shareholders.

What we offer

Our management team has many years of operational and strategic experience in the investment business. Through our investor-independent structure, we make entrepreneurial decisions and invest for the long-term, always maintaining the corporate identity. 


We finance acquisitions from 100% equity and replace liabilities where it makes sense to do so. Leveraged buyouts are not part of our strategy.

Promising perspective

As a responsible owner, we act with an eye to the future. We have no intention of selling, but are planning for the long term.


With us, your life's work is in good hands. We respect and preserve the existing corporate culture and build on its strengths.


Our exclusive shareholder is the Possehl Foundation, which is committed to preserving the image of Lübeck and social projects.


We offer individual succession solutions, be it a majority shareholding, a complete takeover, a gradual GF withdrawal, transition periods, etc.

Support for the management

The holding company supports the management and provides expertise in the areas of finance & controlling, human resources, legal, innovation, technology and strategy.

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We focus on a partnership based on trust. This already begins with our first meeting. We keep negotiations in an investment process strictly confidential until the process is complete and both sides are ready to go public.

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